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I visited Glasgow several times, starting with the Glasgow Exhibition of 1938, as my aunt was a lecturer at the Royal Technical College (now Strathclyde University). However, I only made photographic expeditions on a few of those visits.

I would like to thank several people for sending me information about many of these pictures. Each person's contribution is flagged with a digit in brackets: my apologies to those people who sent me information before I instigated my attribution system!

  • [14] Tony Bianco
  • [28] Alastair Kyle

Comments/corrections to: Dewi Williams

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Warning: most pictures are as-scanned. I'll re-scan at higher resolution, edit, crop and re-touch, as time permits.

image n11_2_6
The no. 11 tram ran from Glasgow out to Milngavie.
Photo n11_2_6 on 30/10/1950
image n11_3_6
Jiggly night view of Glasgow tram.
Photo n11_3_6 on 30/10/1950
image n11_4_2
Standard Glasgow tram
Photo n11_4_2 on 31/10/1950
image n11_4_3
Standard Glasgow tram.
Photo n11_4_3 on 31/10/1950
image n11_4_4
Two versions:
[14] A single-ended tram, possibly the only one in the Glasgow system. The clues to identifying it are: the route number board is on the left of the car and the two destination boards are on the right (the reverse of the Coronation car arrangement, and it has the Cunarder type PCC bogies. Also the suspension looks as though it has been lowered. This is due to this car having smaller wheels than the Cunarder, possibly to improve acceleration or give easier access.
[28] This car is NOT unidirectional: The picture shows one of the experimental "lightweights" Nos 6 and 1001-4 which were mounted on 4 wheel trucks, not bogies. They were built around 1940 using some refurbished equipment as an experiment to see if the equipment from Standards could be reused in more modern bodies. No. 6 was a new car built using the number of a Standard destroyed during an air raid. The only unidirectional car 1005 ("Blue Devil") had separate front and rear entrances although it was converted to a bidirectional state later. It also had Cunarder style destination arrangement i.e. 2 aperture destination on the front and service number on the angled side panel. This arrangement made the service number easier to see in a line of trams.
Photo n11_4_4 on 31/10/1950
image n11_5_1
Standard Glasgow tram at Riddrie
Photo n11_5_1 on 31/10/1950
image n11_5_2
Standard Glasgow tram at Riddrie
Photo n11_5_2 on 31/10/1950
image n11_5_3
Standard Glasgow tram at Riddrie
Photo n11_5_3 on 31/10/1950
image n11_5_4
Cunarder and standard Glasgow tram at Riddrie
Photo n11_5_4 on 31/10/1950
image n11_5_5
Standard Glasgow tram at Riddrie
Photo n11_5_5 on 31/10/1950
image n12_1_1
Reserved tram track down centre of boulevard, Anniesland, Glasgow
Photo n12_1_1 on 18/10/1950
image n12_1_2
Standard Glasgow tram no. 497 on route 30 to [15] Dalmarnock, Anniesland, Glasgow.
Photo n12_1_2 on 18/10/1950
image n12_1_3
Reserved tram track in boulevard, Knightswood, Glasgow
Photo n12_1_3 on 18/10/1950
image n12_1_4
Glasgow tram no. 134 reversing at end of route 30, Knightswood.
Photo n12_1_4 on 18/10/1950
image n12_1_5
Glasgow tram no. 134 reversing at end of route 30, Knightswood.
Photo n12_1_5 on 18/10/1950
image n12_1_5A
Glasgow tram no. 134 reversing at end of route 30, Knightswood. Enlargement of n12_1_5
Photo n12_1_5A on 18/10/1950
image n12_1_6
Knightswood: view from end of tram track of route 30. Knightswood Bridge.
Photo n12_1_6 on 18/10/1950
image n12_2_1
Tram no. 26 reversing at Knightswood, Glasgow.
Photo n12_2_1 on 18/10/1950
image n12_2_2
Tram no. 26 reversing at Knightswood, Glasgow.
Photo n12_2_2 on 18/10/1950
image n12_2_3
Interior of standard Glasgow tram no. 26 at Knightswood.
Photo n12_2_3 on 18/10/1950
image n12_2_4
Tram no. 26 with crew at Knightswood, Glasgow
Photo n12_2_4 on 18/10/1950
image n12_2_5
Glasgow tram on route 1at Anniesland, a [14] Coronation class tram.
Photo n12_2_5 on 18/10/1950
image n12_2_6
Glasgow tram on route 1at Anniesland, a [14] Coronation class tram.
Photo n12_2_6 on 18/10/1950
image n13_1_2
Glasgow tram 508 on route 18
Photo n13_1_2 on 21/11/1950
image n13_1_2a
Glasgow tram 508 on route 18: enlargement of n13_1_2
Photo n13_1_2a on 21/11/1950
image n13_2_4
Glasgow tram
Photo n13_2_4 on 21/11/1950
image n13_3_4
Glasgow trams nos. 5 (route 13) and 758 (route 5) at end of track at Clarkston
Photo n13_3_4 on 21/11/1950
image n13_3_5
Glasgow tram no. 758 at end of track at Clarkston, tram no. 5 departs for Maryhill
Photo n13_3_5 on 21/11/1950
image n13_3_6
Glasgow tram no. 758 ready to leave for Kelvinside, at Clarkston terminus
Photo n13_3_6 on 21/11/1950
image n13_4_1
Glasgow tram no. 296 at Clarkston
Photo n13_4_1 on 21/11/1950
image n13_6_1
Glasgow tram, route 1
Photo n13_6_1 on 21/11/1950
image n36_02
Glasgow tram 1299
Photo n36_02 on 22/03/1953
image n36_03
Glasgow trams passing on reserved track [41] on the Glasgow-Edinburgh road, between Bargeddie and Coatbridge.
Photo n36_03 on 22/03/1953
image n36_04
Glasgow tram 1163 on reserved track
Photo n36_04 on 22/03/1953
image n36_05
Glasgow tram on reserved track [41] on the Glasgow-Edinburgh road, between Bargeddie and Coatbridge.
Photo n36_05 on 22/03/1953
image n36_12
Truck/bogie of Coronation tram, Glasgow
Photo n36_12 on 22/03/1953
image n36_14
Bogie/truck of Glasgow tram: looks like PCC truck
Photo n36_14 on 22/03/1953
image n36_15
Bogie/truck of Glasgow tram: looks like PCC truck
Photo n36_15 on 22/03/1953
image n36_13
[14] Ex-Liverpool tram 1021 in Glasgow, route 29, corner of Buchanan St.
Photo n36_13 on 22/03/1953
image n36_16
Glasgow tram 1343 at crossover
Photo n36_16 on 22/03/1953
image n36_06
Glasgow tram 1145 on route 15, heading towards Airdrie on reserved track
Photo n36_06 on 22/03/1953
image n36_07
Glasgow trams on Clyde bridge
Photo n36_07 on 22/03/1953
image n36_08
Glasgow trams on Clyde bridge
Photo n36_08 on 22/03/1953
image n36_09
Glasgow tram on Clyde bridge
Photo n36_09 on 22/03/1953
image n36_10
Glasgow tram 1022 near Central Station on route 29
Photo n36_10 on 22/03/1953
image n36_11
Glasgow tram 1094 near Central Station
Photo n36_11 on 22/03/1953
image n36_19
Glasgow trams on route 30 at dusk.
Photo n36_19 on 22/03/1953
image n36_20
Shaky image of Glasgow tram at night.
Photo n36_20 on 22/03/1953
image c0067
George Benny Railplane and Glasgow tram no. 105 on route 11 at Milngavie
Photo c0067 on 30/10/1950
image c0069
Glasgow tram no. 1292 at Milngavie, on route 11
Photo c0069 on 30/10/1950
image c0173
Glasgow tram
Photo c0173 on 25/07/1951
image c0174
Glasgow tram
Photo c0174 on 25/07/1951
image c0565
[15] Coronation-class tram
Photo c0565 on 25/07/1951
image c0566
[15] Coronation-class tram
Photo c0566 on 25/07/1951

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