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  • Kevin McAnally[39]

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image n11_2_4
W. Alexander's bus garage at Milngavie, next to George Bennie Railplane.
Photo n11_2_4 on 30/10/1950
image n11_2_5
Take W. Alexander's bus to get from Milngavie station to the George Bennie Railplane.
Photo n11_2_5 on 30/10/1950
image n11_4_5
Glasgow bus
Photo n11_4_5 on 31/10/1950
image n13_1_1
Central SMT Bus Co. bus no. L148 heading for Lanark, Glasgow
Photo n13_1_1 on 21/11/1950
image n11_4_6
Glasgow Corporation Transport bus, [39] fleet No. 668, an Albion Venturer CX19 with Pickering Bodywork purchased in 1939. It was rebodied in 1952 by East Lancs and renumbered BR3(?) (B for Albion R for rebuild). All of these were retired by 1960.
Photo n11_4_6 on 31/10/1950
image n13_1_4
Glasgow corporation bus B94 on route 38 for Uddingston. [39] This is another Albion, a Venturer CX37 with Croft Bodywork bought in 1949. It lasted until 1964. Albion buses had constant mesh manual transmission ("crash gearboxes") which meant that drivers who were trained by the GCT on these buses would get 'full' PSV (Public Service Vehicle) driving licences, making them prime targets for driving jobs outside the GCT. They were eventually concentrated in Parkhead Garage (East Glasgow) and new drivers were trained on semi-auto transmissions which were not common on other fleets. B94's sister bus B92 is preserved in the museum of transport in Glasgow as the last all-Scottish Glasgow bus. Chassis: Albion (Scotstoun), Body: Croft (Gallowgate), and even Tyres (tires): (India Rubber Inchinnan) were all made in Scotland.
Photo n13_1_4 on 21/11/1950

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