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Most of the stations had a single island platform rather narrow. With a real crush of people on a platform, it could have been downright dangerous.

Hillhead Station platform:

[Hillhead platform] n13_1_6

The next photo has slight camera movement, but I've included it anyway, because of the content of the picture. [Hillhead platform] n13_1_5

Buchanan Street platform:

[Buchanan St. platform] n13_2_2

For Comparison (1999 photos)

A typical station in 1952 - but it's in the transportation museum in Glasgow! The car on the right still has the lettering "Subway". The figure in the distance is grandson Geoff.

 [Museum exhibit] 1057_03

An actual, operating station (Kelvinbridge), with one of the current trains. I understand that this now carries the nickname "The Clockwork Orange" because of the strong colour! (This happened when the movie of that name made its debut). My wife Eufron appears in this picture.

[Kelvinbridge + Clockwork Orange] 1057_05

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