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Most station entrances were buried in store-front locations: if you didn't know the subway entrance was there, you might take a long time finding it.

St. Enoch was the exception: I'm sure it had the most elaborate above-ground building of any station on the system.

[St. Enoch] n11_3_3

Hillhead Station was a store-front type, but it did have a canopy with the name on it. Here, it's shown on a wet day and an even wetter day.

[Hillhead exterior] n13_6_4

[Hillhead exterior] n13_6_3

At Hillhead, the ticket office was like a cage made of glass panes, with one pane missing for the wicket.

[Hillhead ticket office] n13_6_5

Buchanan Street station had no canopy.

[Buchanan St.] n13_6_6

I believe this is Buchanan Street station, 3 years later, in 1953. It had gained a banner and an illuminated sign.

[Buchanan St.] n36_18

For Comparison

St. Enoch, recently (1999).

[St. Enoch in 1999] 1057_06

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