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The Ones That Got Away

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Have you ever wondered what happened to all the old steam locomotives? Oh yes, many of them were scrapped, and many were kept as pets by tourist railway companies, and others were kept under glass in museums. But what about all the rest?

I think I know what happened to them. Just like the wild horses of Canada, Australia and North Carolina, they broke loose from humanity. They went feral. Have you never been awake at night and heard the sound of a train whistle, even though there should be no train nearby? Perhaps it was indeed a wild animal, but then again . . . And while out driving in the country, havenít you ever come across a piece of railway track, in a place where there have been no trains within living memory?

Some people seem to know about this already, because somebody is trying to trap the feral locomotives. Just as tame, broken horses are used to catch wild horses, and decoy ducks are used to trap wild ducks, so decoy steam locomotives are being used to trap the wild ones.

Why else would there be non-working steam locomotives set alongside the working track at places like the Perth Terminal in Western Australia, and Jasper in Canada?

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