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I would like to thank several people for sending me information about many of these pictures.
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  • George Fairbairn [35]

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image n12_3_3
Edinburgh tram no. 71 on Princes St., with pointsman.
Photo n12_3_3 on 21/10/1950
image n12_5_1
Edinburgh tram no. 145 on Princes St.
Photo n12_5_1 on 18/10/1950
image n12_3_4
Edinburgh trams nos. 95 and 199, coming down South St Andrew's Street from St Andrew's Square, to turn into Princes Street.
Photo n12_3_4 on 18/10/1950
image n12_5_3
Edinburgh once had cablecars, on the same principle as San Francisco. In 1950, one piece of cablecar track with its slot for the cable conduit could still be seen outside the main Post Office (GPO), at the start of Waterloo Place.
Photo n12_5_3 on 18/10/1950
image n12_3_5
Edinburgh: Princes St., Sir Walter Scott memorial, trams in distance. There's so little traffic!
Photo n12_3_5 on 18/10/1950
image n12_5_6
Edinburgh tram no. 368 on route 21
Photo n12_5_6 on 18/10/1950
image n12_3_6
Edinburgh: tram pole operating mechanical switch on overhead wire, turning off Princes St. The rod hanging down is the control lever: the trolley pole has just passed it, and the lever is falling back to its normal position.
Photo n12_3_6 on 18/10/1950
image n12_6_1
Edinburgh coat of arms on outside of tram
Photo n12_6_1 on 18/10/1950
image n12_4_1
Edinburgh West End: tram no. 16 with pointsman
Photo n12_4_1 on 18/10/1950
image n12_6_2
Edinburgh: controller operating tram points/switches & signals from outdoor box
Photo n12_6_2 on 18/10/1950
image n12_5_2
Edinburgh trams 347 (route 17) and 371 (route 19) on North Bridge. [35] In the background on the left is Patrick Thompson's, a formerly well-known Edinburgh department store. Everyone called it PT's. Most of it is now the Carlton hotel. On the right is the Scotsman building (now the Scotsman hotel). The photographer's back is to Register House and the statue of Wellington.
Photo n12_5_2 on 18/10/1950
image n12_5_4
Edinburgh tram no. 366 on route 21 at island outside Post Office. Above the tram, the overhead wire has one of the shields incorporated into the wiring about 1940, to give a larger target when "swinging thetrolley" and simultaneously hiding any arcing that might take place, from enemy aircraft. The trolley heads were originally the usual wheels; but were replaced at the same time by manganese bronze castings roughly ovoid in shape, with a deep slot in the upper surface, at the bottom of which were three graphite brushes. These minimised arcing on the move, also having the two additional benefits of straightening/smoothing the overhead wire and reducing wear, important during the stringencies of war-time. There is an example at Crich Tramway Museum ("Tramway Village") in a case but without explanation. Both those developments were particularly intended for the longish sea-shore run from Seafield to Portobello Kings Road; but were obviously beneficial throughout the system. The illuminated island post head for "Antigua Street" is also at Crich, again without explanation.
Photo n12_5_4 on 18/10/1950

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