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image n12_7_1
LNER 2-6-2T no. 67617 at Waverley Station, Edinburgh
Photo n12_7_1 on 21/10/1950
image n12_4_4
Gresley A4 pacific no. 60019 outside Waverley Station, Edinburgh.
Photo n12_4_4 on 18/10/1950
image n12_3_2
Gresley A4 class Pacific loco, "Empire of India", [23] at Waverley Station, Edinburgh
Photo n12_3_2 on 19/10/1950
image n12_6_5
Edinburgh Waverley station: locomotive nameplate, "Strang Steel". March 2003: The loco was a class B1 2-6-0, British Railways number 61244. It turns out that "Strang Steel" is a family name in Scotland: I don't know which member of the family this loco was named after.
Photo n12_6_5 on 18/10/1950
image n12_4_2
Edinburgh Castle towering over Waverley station
Photo n12_4_2 on 18/10/1950
image n12_4_3
Locomotive 60087 outside Waverley Station, Edinburgh.
Photo n12_4_3 on 18/10/1950
image n12_4_5
Stanier 4-6-0 outside Waverley Station, Edinburgh
Photo n12_4_5 on 18/10/1950
image n12_6_6
Edinburgh Waverley station: 0-6-0 locomotive no. 68178
Photo n12_6_6 on 18/10/1950
image n12_4_6
Edinburgh: stacked bridges, including the North Bridge (see n12_5_2
Photo n12_4_6 on 18/10/1950
image n12_5_5
View down into Waverley Station, Edinburgh
Photo n12_5_5 on 18/10/1950

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