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Darlington was the station at which one changed trains to get to the Royal Signals army camp at Catterick. However, on Sunday nights, there was an overnight train from London Kings Cross that ran directly to the single-track branch to the camp.

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image n35_02
Tank engine 68940 with train at Catterick Bridge
Photo n35_02 on 29/03/1953
image n27_2_1
Photo n27_2_1 on 07/03/1953
image n35_03
Loco 62008 near Darlington
Photo n35_03 on 29/03/1953
image n27_1_1
Neasham Road terminus
Photo n27_1_1 on 07/03/1953

image n35_04
0-6-0T no. 69021 at Darlington
Photo n35_04 on 29/03/1953
image n27_1_2
Neasham Road terminus
Photo n27_1_2 on 07/03/1953

image n35_05
Darlington bus on route 20 to Leyburn via Northallerton (one of stereo pair)
Photo n35_05 on 29/03/1953
image n27_1_3
Neasham Road terminus
Photo n27_1_3 on 07/03/1953

image n35_08
Darlington Corporation Transport bus on route 11 at the Market Place, Darlington. Part of stereo pair.
Photo n35_08 on 29/03/1953
image n27_1_5
Coniscliffe Road terminus
Photo n27_1_5 on 07/03/1953

image n27_2_3
Photo n27_2_3 on 07/03/1953
image n27_1_6
close-up of centre entrance of Darlington trolleybus
Photo n27_1_6 on 07/03/1953
 image n27_2_4
Photo n27_2_4 on 07/03/1953
Statue in the Hay Market, Newcastle upon Tyne. This may be a war memorial.

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