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Brighton Locomotive Works

My school (UCS) organized a trip to the Brighton Works of the Southern Railway.
By this date, the title was officially the Southern Region of British Railways.

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image n05_2_2
Brighton: 4-4-2 no. 32422
Photo n05_2_2 on 10/06/1950
image n05_5_3
Brighton works: "Terrier" class ex-LBSCR 0-6-0: school visit to Brighton Works
Photo n05_5_3 on 10/06/1950
image n05_2_3
Brighton: Bulleid Pacific no.34041
Photo n05_2_3 on 10/06/1950
image n05_5_4
Brighton works: "Terrier" class ex-LBSCR 0-6-0: school visit to Brighton Works
Photo n05_5_4 on 10/06/1950
image n05_2_4
Brighton: 4-4-2T no. 32081
Photo n05_2_4 on 10/06/1950
image n05_5_5
Brighton works: "Terrier" class ex-LBSCR 0-6-0: school visit to Brighton Works
Photo n05_5_5 on 10/06/1950
image n05_2_5
Brighton: cab gauges in ex-LSWR loco
Photo n05_2_5 on 10/06/1950
image n05_4_2
Brighton works: 4-4-2T on turntable. People living in adjacent houses! Trolleybus wires visible in street, non-railway company works on the left.
Photo n05_4_2 on 10/05/1950
image n05_3_1
Brighton: view from forward window of loco cab.
Photo n05_3_1 on 10/06/1950
image n05_4_1
Brighton works: West Country class Pacific loco, "Dartmoor". School trip to works.
Photo n05_4_1 on 10/06/1950
image n05_5_6
Brighton works: pouring gunmetal
Photo n05_5_6 on 10/06/1950
image n05_6_1
Brighton Loco Works, visited as part of a school trip. This photo and the next show molten gunmetal being poured. Although taken in 1950, the photo would have been very similar if taken in 1900. The workers are wearing shirts and ties, and have bare arms and heads, and have no eye protection!
Photo n05_6_1 on 10/06/1950
image n05_6_2
Brighton Station, steam loco: school trip to Brighton Works
Photo n05_6_2 on 10/06/1950
Similar view of the interior of Brighton Station 50 years later.
Photo PA02048 on on 2004-10-02

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