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I had made several trips to Brighton: at first, with my parents, then with the school, and finally, on my own. The photos are in chronological order.

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image os_074
Brighton bus FUF 79, probably [29] in Baden Road with Eastbourne Road in the background - then terminus of Service 38.
Photo os_074 on 12/10/1947
image os_075
Open-top bus at seafront, Brighton [29] heading west along King's Road, having just about completed the climb up from the Palace Pier stop. It is probably on its way to Boundary Road, Hove, having come from Rottingdean - it is wrongly screened.
Photo os_075 on 12/10/1947
image os_076
[29] Brighton, Hove and District AEC661T trolleybus similar to Corporation FUF 16 (see n05_5_2). It was stored during World War 2 and entered service in 1946. I think (from the advertisement) that it is CPM997 (fleet number 6347) and is seen turning from Marine Drive into Arundel Street on Service 44.
Photo os_076 on 12/10/1947
image n05_5_2
Brighton trolleybus [29] at the Aquarium, Old Steine terminus. This was the terminus for most of Brighton's trolleybus routes. The wooden building on the left was a relic from tramway days and was used as a staff rest room and passenger shelter. The trolleybus was one of the original AEC661T trolleybuses with Weymann H54R bodywork supplied to Brighton Corporation Transport new in 1939. It appears to be number 16
(FUF 16)
Photo n05_5_2 on 10/06/1950
image n05_6_2
Brighton Station, steam loco: school trip to Brighton Works
Photo n05_6_2 on 10/06/1950

image n31_4_3
Brighton trolleybus DNJ 993 [29] on the anticlockwise terminal loop of service 44 at Black Rock - the only place where the trolleybuses travelled along the seafront...for about 30 yards or so. At one time the trolleybuses terminated on the seafront road, Marine Drive, but later just around the corner in Arundel Street. The vehicle has just pulled out of Arundel Road and is a BUT9611T trolleybus with Weymann H56R bodywork supplied new to Brighton, Hove and District Omnibus Company early in 1948. DNJ 993 (fleet number 6392) passed to Bournemouth Corporation Transport in April, 1959, was renumbered 294 and remained in service until August, 1965.
Photo n31_4_3 on 28/06/1953
image n31_6_3
Open-top Brighton bus decorated for coronation, at seafront, [29] in King's Road, heading east towards Rottingdean. It is in Brighton, not far from the Brighton / Hove boundary - where the ornate street lights finish in the background - close to the West Pier, the remains of which were in a fire in 2003.
Photo n31_6_3 on 28/06/1953

image n31_6_2
Brighton: miniature bus [29] at Peter Pan's Playground along Madeira Drive - about halfway along the Volk's Electric Railway line.
Photo n31_6_2 on 28/06/1953

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