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Birmingham May 1953

During my army service, I was temporarily posted to a base near Birmingham while the authoirites decided where to send me.
I made use of a weekend pass to ride on Birmingham's trams before they were scrapped.
This was just before Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, so some buildings are decorated.

I would like to thank several people for sending me information about many of these pictures. Each person's contribution is flagged with a digit in brackets: my apologies to those people who sent me information before I instigated my attribution system!

  • [13] Jenny Nicol  
  • [44] Mark Norton

Comments/corrections to: Dewi Williams

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image n31_1_1
Birmingham bus turning from Suffolk St into Navigation St. [44]
Photo n31_1_1 on 03/05/1953
image n31_3_6
Tram 633 on route 79 [13] heading towards Lancaster Place, the home of the Central Fire Station. The General Hospital tower is in view. This is now the Children's Hospital named after Princess Diana.
Photo n31_3_6 on 03/05/1953
image n31_1_5
Tram 597 on route 78 near Steelhouse Lane terminus, Birmingham.
Photo n31_1_5 on 03/05/1953
image n31_3_5
Tram 694 on route 79, going along the Lichfield Road dual carriageway, with Salford Park to the left of the photographer.
Photo n31_3_5 on 03/05/1953
image n31_1_6
Tram 597 on route 78 at Steelhouse Lane terminus, Birmingham. Note decorations for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation
Photo n31_1_6 on 03/05/1953
image n31_3_4
Tram 687 on 78 route, [13] going along Lichfield Road with Salford Cycle and Sports Track to the right. The building on the right is the changing rooms. The building straight ahead on the corner, appearing to the left of the tram, is still there: it's the King Edward pub.
Photo n31_3_4 on 03/05/1953
image n31_2_1
Birmingham tram; Aston Road at Miller Street. (Lloyd's Bank on left.)
Photo n31_2_1 on 03/05/1953
image n31_3_3
Tram 627 on 79 route, [13] going along Lichfield Road with Salford Park Race Track to the right. Aston Church spire visible in background, also the Aston Villa FC grounds.
Photo n31_3_3 on 03/05/1953
image n31_2_2
Birmingham tram on route 79 at Cuckoo Road.
Photo n31_2_2 on 03/05/1953
image n31_2_6
Tram no. 661 coming onto reserved track near Kingsbury Rd.
Photo n31_2_6 on 03/05/1953
image n31_2_3
Tram no. 722 on 78 route at Gravelly Hill.
Photo n31_2_3 on 03/05/1953
image n31_2_5
Tram no. 633 on 79 route on Tyburn Road.
Photo n31_2_5 on 03/05/1953
image n31_2_4
Tram no. 581 on route 2 at Gravelly Hill.
Photo n31_2_4 on 03/05/1953
image n31_1_2
Brimingham: decorations for coronation [13] The Hall of Memory, on the left, was built to commemorate the soldiers who died in the l914-18 war. The other building is a local government building called Baskerville House, which was named after James Baskerville, publisher and inventor of the Baskerville type-face.
Photo n31_1_2 on 03/05/1953
image n31_1_4
Birmingham: [13] Baskerville Hall decorated for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation
Photo n31_1_4 on 03/05/1953
image n31_1_3
Birmingham: [13] Baskerville Hall decorated for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation
Photo n31_1_3 on 03/05/1953

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