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The George Bennie Railplane/Monorail:
The Structure

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The structure consisted of two continuous lattice girders, supported by legs that could have been prototypes for electricity transmission towers (pylons). The upper girder held up the support rails on which the Railplane's wheels rode. The lower girder held the lower rail, the anti-sway rail.

This view is taken from the end of the platform, looking east.

[The structure] n11_1_4

The test track had been built over a railway branch line (a freight line), although by 1950, no trains had run on it in years. The brush had 20 years to grow around the right of way!

[Under the structure] n11_2_3

Large spring buffers were fitted at the end of the line, to ensure that the car never ran off the track. The large shed was used in runing the tests, and was still there in 2000 as a store selling lumber. Power was supplied to a conductor rail at 500V, with control equipment in the little shed on the platform.

On the extreme left of the photo one can just see the end of the Railplane car. Beyond the large shed, you can see a gas station/filling station across the road.

[End of the tracline] n11_2_1

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