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Approaching along the road from a more or less Northerly direction, this is what you saw. The low buildings in the middle were part of a cement-block manufacturing operation. The Railplane car can be seen at its station. At this time, it had been idle for about 15 years.

[View from North] n11_3_2

Getting closer, you can see the end of the test track, and more of the cement block manufacturing facility.

[View from North] n11_3_1

Continuing south along the road, past the Railplane, you see it from the other side.

[View from South] c0068

And finally, to get back to Glasgow, you could take the no. 11 tram, or use W. Alexander's bus from the bus garage in the picture to get to Milngavie suburban-line station. The tram route got to Milngavie some years after the Railplane! and the bus garage was on the site of a much earlier dye-mill.

[Tram & Railplane] c0067

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