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The George Bennie Railplane/Monorail:
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Twenty years after the demonstration, the bushes had grown, making it hard to see details from the ground level. The staircases leading to the platform can be distinguished. The car itself is looking a bit dilapidated. Both propellors had been removed: perhaps they were used on some WWII airplane.

The two-wheeled bogies/trucks can be seen on the running rail. You can also see that the test structure was built with two rails, though as far as I know only one was ever used.

[The car, from ground level] n11_1_1

The double-flanged wheels were alleged to be hooked over the rail in such a manner that they could never come off the rail. That's not at all obvious in this photo. The springs and the support pillar show up. There must be brakes in there somewhere, too.

Lower down in the photo, part of the body of the car is visible. On the left, in the passenger door, is a leaded stained-glass window! This car was clearly intended for first-class travel.

[Truck/bogie] n11_1_3

Under the railplane: the two horizontal wheels bear on the anti-sway rail. The black area on the left of the photo is the underside of the platform.

[Underneath of car] n11_1_2

Looking along the car towards the power-supply cabinet and the near end of the line. There's quite a gap between the edge of the platform and the side of the car. It's a long drop to the ground below!

[Side of car] n11_2_2

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