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Bekonscot Model Village

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This model village, I believe the first in the world, started as one man's hobby in his back garden in the town of Beaconsfield, north-west of London. It has been enlarged and updated continuously. I visited it several times when I was a boy, and my wife and I were able to take our granddaughter there in 1999.


One column from the magazine "The Builder", 1933, as quoted in Bygone Britain, "At Home, 1930-1939"
(London: HMSO, 1995, ISBN 0 11 701897 X)


We have received from the Railway Benevolent Institution particulars of a charming model village that has been built at Beaconsfield from the designs of the owner, Mr. Callingham, of Chiltern Lodge, Ledborough-lane, Beaconsfield. It is situated in a beautiful rock garden covering an area of roughly 1,200 sq. yds., and consists of a village, with church, shops, hotel and other public buildings, 1,200 ft. of railway line with five stations complete with rolling-stock and other accessories, fields, water-courses and woods.

The railway, which is electrically controlled, has three main platforms at the terminus, double lines of rails passing along deep cuttings spanned by bridges, and an intricate system of points and electric signalling. It is, in fact, a reproduction to the minutest detail of the modern railway system.

The village is electrically lit, and in the evening forms a charming picture with its illuminated streets and buildings. The buildings are of brick, stone and timber. In the fields cattle graze and the whole pastoral setting is typical of the unspoiled country-side.

The village is open to public inspection every Sunday, and the proceeds are given to charities in which the owner is interested.

The month and year shown for each photograph is correct, though the day may not be completely accurate.

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