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At the time these photos were taken, Aylesbury was the end of the run for Metropolitan trains from Baker Street. Although my
parents and I had visited Aylesbury many times, these photos were taken on a weekend in which we stayed at the
Bull's Head Hotel, in the centre of town.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture. For most, I can provide higher-resolution photos by email, if needed.
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image n02_1_2
Aylesbury: GWR 2-6-2T at platform
Photo n02_1_2 on 09/04/1950
image n02_2_4
Aylesbury Station
Photo n02_2_4 on 09/04/1950
image n02_1_3
Aylesbury: GWR 2-6-2T
Photo n02_1_3 on 09/04/1950
image n02_2_1
Aylesbury: ex-Metropolitan coach hut (note rounded top corners to doors).
Photo n02_2_1 on 09/04/1950
image n02_1_4
Aylesbury: L1 class 2-6-4T
Photo n02_1_4 on 09/04/1950
image n02_3_2
Aylesbury: Red Rover bus company's bus on the Buckingham route
Photo n02_3_2 on 09/04/1950
image n02_1_1
Aylesbury: GWR 2-6-2T
Photo n02_1_1 on 09/04/1950
image n02_3_4
Aylesbury: Oxford bus heading for Thame
Photo n02_3_4 on 09/04/1950
image N02_1_5
Aylesbury: "South Yorkshireman" train
Photo N02_1_5 on 09/04/1950
image N02_4_6
Aylesbury: bus for Bedford.
Photo N02_4_6 on 10/04/1950
image n02_1_6
Aylesbury: the "South Yorkshireman" train
Photo n02_1_6 on 09/04/1950
image N02_2_6
Aylesbury: Bull's Head hotel
Photo N02_2_6 on 09/04/1950
image n02_2_2
Aylesbury: "N5" class 0-6-2T
Photo n02_2_2 on 09/04/1950
image N02_3_1
Aylesbury: the Bull's Head hotel, where we (mum, dad & 1) stayed at Easter, 1950
Photo N02_3_1 on 09/04/1950
image n02_2_3
Aylesbury: "A5" class 4-6-2T
Photo n02_2_3 on 09/04/1950
image N02_3_5
Aylesbury: market place
Photo N02_3_5 on 09/04/1950

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