Traversing the Panama Canal:
From Panama City to the Cut

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On the return passage, we started at about the same time as going the other way, picking up the pilot at 6:28am.
There is then quite a long trip through a broad sea-level part of the canal, under the Bridge of the Americas,
to the first locks at Miraflores.

Entering the Panama canal at the southern (Pacific) end. The Bridge of the Americas in the background.
"Tug" boat ready to position the Statendam to enter the first basin of the Miraflores locks
Waiting for the lower basin at Miraflores: the chamber is emptying. We're following closely on the heels of the ship ahead.
Our ship is rising in the chamber, at Miraflores. The  return track for mules runs right through the control tower.

The mules tows non-powered ships, so it is a tow-er. The building is a tower.

The bow of a freighter moving into the adjacent basin. This shows the mules on each side of the ship.
The viewing station, museum and admin building at Miraflores.
At Pedro Miguel, just across the Miraflores Lake, we use the left-hand lock: just one chamber to go through. The Centennial Bridge is in the background.
Housing for some of the Canal employees. It's a very labour-intensive operation.
The Centennial bridge, a cable-stayed bridge, over the Gaillard Cut.

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