Traversing the Panama Canal:
From Gatun Lake to Colon

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It was about 3:30pm when we entered the Gatun locks: it takes most of the day to traverse the Gaillard Cut (that's an American name, not French, so it's  "GAY-lard" not "Ghee-ARE") and cross Gatun Lake.

We're at the dock at the top of Gatun locks, the mules have tied on, the water levels have equalized, the handrails on the lock gates have been lowered, so the gates are about to open and allow us into the top chamber. There's an amazing amount of shipping traffic.
We're sliding into the top chamber, alongside the container carrier which is being lowered.
We can now see the bow of the container carrier.
Once we're through the Gatun locks, we're at the Caribbean sea level, and we proceed past the shipping docks and terminals at San Cristobal and Colon.

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