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Manchester Metrolink

This was the second sidetrip of the LRTA AGM weekend. The Mainchester Metrolink is mostly built on old heavy-rail alignment, with some street running. Because of its history, it uses high-level platforms. There are three lines at present, with more bing built.

image P1010021
Loading the reserved car at St. Peter's Square
Photo P1010021 on 10/25/2009
image P1010029
The Manchester Metrolink system uses high-level platforms, as shown at Eccles
Photo P1010029 on 11/2/2009
image P1010022
Loading the reserved car at St. Peter's Square
Photo P1010022 on 10/25/2009
image P1010030
Tram/bus interchange at Eccles
Photo P1010030 on 10/25/2009
image P1010024
Broadway station. There's a very wide space in the middle - maybe set aside for future track.
Photo P1010024 on 10/25/2009
image P1010031
Metrolink car and Network Rail train at Altrincham.
Photo P1010031 on 11/2/2009
image P1010025
Our car at Broadway
Photo P1010025 on 11/2/2009
image P1010032
Metrolink car at Altrincham Station
Photo P1010032 on 10/25/2009
image P1010026
A regular service car departing Broadway en route to St. Peter's. This photo shows the track layout being installed for the future Media centre - BBC etc.
Photo P1010026 on 10/25/2009
image P1010033
Elaboarte wire-tensioning devices at Altrincham, probably part of the original railway electrification.
Photo P1010033 on 10/25/2009
image P1010027
The end of the track at Eccles - where there is interchange with buses.
Photo P1010027 on 11/2/2009
image P1010034
End of the line (for now) at Altrincham: the special car and a regular service car
Photo P1010034 on 10/25/2009
image P1010028
Photo P1010028 on 10/25/2009
image P1010035
Photo stop at Old Trafford.
Photo P1010035 on 10/25/2009

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