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The Blackpool Tramway consists of a street tramway section along the promenade in Blackpool, and a light rail section to Fleetwood. We went the whole elngth of the line, in one of the illuminated cars.

image P1010036
Tram no. 707 leaving, classic car arriving.
Photo P1010036 on 11/2/2009
image P1010043
The trailer/passenger car
Photo P1010043 on 10/25/2009
image P1010037
Blackpool car no. 717
Photo P1010037 on 11/2/2009
image P1010045
Driver's view from the locomotive
Photo P1010045 on 10/25/2009
image P1010040
Blackpool car no. 717
Photo P1010040 on 10/25/2009
image P1010046
The train, on the way to Fleetwood.
Photo P1010046 on 10/25/2009
image P1010044
Single deck car no. 622
Photo P1010044 on 10/25/2009
image P1010047
Head-on view of the locomotive
Photo P1010047 on 11/2/2009
image P1010038
Our first view of the "Wester Train" illuminated cars
Photo P1010038 on 11/2/2009
image P1010048
At the traim stop in Fleetwood.
Photo P1010048 on 11/2/2009
image P1010039
The locomotive
Photo P1010039 on 11/2/2009
image P1010050
Part of the illumination, about to be switched on: a Dalek and a Tardis
Photo P1010050 on 11/2/2009
image P1010041
Interior view of the locomotive. The "boiler" is stuffed with control gear for the lights.
Photo P1010041 on 10/25/2009
image P1010051
As twilight approached, the illuminations were switched on.
Photo P1010051 on 10/25/2009
image P1010042
The train, by the Blackpool tower
Photo P1010042 on 10/25/2009
image P1010054
Fuzzy side view of the locomotive - but suffices to show the lights.
Photo P1010054 on 10/25/2009

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