Waterloo: tracks across the concourse

Before Waterloo was rebuilt as one unified station about 80 or 90 years ago, there was at least one and maybe more tracks that ran right across the passenger concourse, over Waterloo Road, and into what was then called Waterloo Junction and is now called Waterloo East. It's amazing how the staff avoided losing passengers to accidents as the trains ran through the crowds.
The bridge that carried the trains across Waterloo Road is still there, as these photos show.

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image P3090125
Waterloo Road: bridges between Waterloo Station and Waterloo East station. Lower (red) bridge used to have tracks on it. Upper (silver) bridge is pedestrian bridge to Waterloo East platforms.
Photo P3090125 on 09/03/2008
image P3090130
Standing on the upper taxi and bus road at Waterloo Station, you can look through the chain-link fence to the rail bridge to Waterloo East. The bridge is now loaded with bins and encroached upon by buildings. Pub below at Street level
Photo P3090130 on 09/03/2008
image P3090129
The previous photo was taken from just behind the red-and-white pylon on the extreme left of this photo, which shows the bus and taxi road.
Photo P3090129 on 09/03/2008
image P3090132
Turning the camera 180 degrees, we can see where the tracks used to enter Waterloo Station.
Photo P3090132 on 09/03/2008
image P3090126
A closer view, from Waterloo Road, of the bridge that used to take tracks to Waterloo East, where it enter the main building. The bus and taxi road is "upstairs", behind the upper glass windows. Beneath the red bridge you can see the "trellis-work" on the current bridge that carries Waterloo East trains towards Charing Cross.
Photo P3090126 on 09/03/2008
image P3090127
On the main station concourse where the drama enacted in The Bourne Ultimatum, we can see where the track to Waterloo East used to go through the building, long before escalators were added.
Photo P3090127 on 09/03/2008
image P3090128
Looking the other way across the concourse, towards platforms, approximately where the tracks from Waterloo East used to run.
Photo P3090128 on 09/03/2008

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