Stopping points on the cruise: Rome

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Our cruise ship moored at Civitavecchio, so we walked to the station dna took the local train to S. Pietro station, a short walk from St. Peter's Square

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image PA270153a
Civitavecchio station
Photo PA270153a on 27/10/2006
image PA270155a
Civitavecchio station: fast train approaching: our suburban train to S. Pietro followed it
Photo PA270155a on 27/10/2006
image PA270160
While waiting in line to enter the Vatican museums, we saw, in the distance, buses & trams
Photo PA270160 on 27/10/2006
image PA270161
Tram route terminus near the Vatican
Photo PA270161 on 27/10/2006
image PA270163
Tram near the Vatican
Photo PA270163 on 27/10/2006
image PA270184a
Diesel railcar parked near S. Pietro
Photo PA270184a on 27/10/2006

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