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Rio de Janeiro

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On arrival in Rio de Janeiro, we had a guide who took us on the Corovardo rack-and-pinion (cog-wheel) railway to the top of the mountain, with the statue of Christ the Redeemer at the top. The railway Mount Pilatus railway in Switzerland (q.v.): which is not surprising as the cars were built in Switzerland.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture. For most, I can provide higher-resolution photos by email, if needed.

image PB200005
Replica of railway car mounted on the roof of the lower terminus building the the rack railway to the top of Corcovardo
Photo PB200005 on 20/11/2006
image PB200064
Train approaching upper terminus
Photo PB200064 on 20/11/2006
image PB200021
Tower car used for maintaining the overhead wiring
Photo PB200021 on 20/11/2006
image PB200082
Car in siding at intermediate station
Photo PB200082 on 20/11/2006
image PB200022
Wheelset, with running wheels, cogwheel and gearbox
Photo PB200022 on 20/11/2006
image PB200086
At the loop, the driver controls the track switch by inserting and turning a key in a box mounted on a post.
Photo PB200086 on 20/11/2006
image PB200041
Train at the upper station
Photo PB200041 on 20/11/2006
image PB200093
Interior view of car
Photo PB200093 on 20/11/2006
image PB200060
View of pantograph and heat-dissipating restors for dynamic braking
Photo PB200060 on 20/11/2006
image PB200094
De-training at the lower terminus
Photo PB200094 on 20/11/2006
image PB200061
Top view of car at upper terminus
Photo PB200061 on 20/11/2006

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