Stopping points on the cruise: Monaco

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A brief few hours in Monte Carlo, in Monaco: we walked, we used buses, and we walked though a tunnel into France to the buried SNCF station.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture. For most, I can provide higher-resolution photos by email, if needed.

image PA280193a
The SNCF station is buried under the cliffs: this is the marble-panelled pedestrain tunnel leading to it.
Photo PA280193a on 28/10/2006
image PA280194
Local train at Monte Carlo station
Photo PA280194 on 28/10/2006
image PA280196
Main-line train passing through Monte Carlo station
Photo PA280196 on 28/10/2006
image PA280197
A pedestrian tunnel and bridge takes one over the track at Monte Carlo station. That's daylight shining in at the left.
Photo PA280197 on 28/10/2006
image PA280198
Standing just outside the upper entrance to Monte Carlo station, you can see the chaotice architectur stuck to the cliff.
Photo PA280198 on 28/10/2006
image PA280199
THe lower entrance to the Monte Carlo station is way down at the bottom.
Photo PA280199 on 28/10/2006

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