Stopping points on the cruise: Lisbon

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Click on thumbnail for larger picture. For most, I can provide higher-resolution photos by email, if needed.

image PB010316a
ex-British phone box, painted white, in Cascais
Photo PB010316a on 01/11/2006
image PB040362
in the Carris museum
Photo PB040362 on 04/11/2006
image PB020326
Older tram, grinding up from Praca do Commercio
Photo PB020326 on 02/11/2006
image PB040364
In the Carris museum
Photo PB040364 on 04/11/2006
image PB020327
Cars with doors open do cause a problem for Lisbon's trams.
Photo PB020327 on 02/11/2006
image PB040365
In the Carris museum
Photo PB040365 on 04/11/2006
image PB020328
Older tram, grinding up from Praca do Commercio
Photo PB020328 on 02/11/2006
image PB040366
Trailer car In the Carris museum
Photo PB040366 on 04/11/2006
image PB020329
Older tram, grinding up from Praca do Commercio
Photo PB020329 on 02/11/2006
image PB040367
Trailer car In the Carris museum
Photo PB040367 on 04/11/2006
image PB020330
Older tram
Photo PB020330 on 02/11/2006
image PB040368
Wooden-block paving. There was some of this in London when I was a boy.
Photo PB040368 on 04/11/2006
image PB020332
Tour tram, with both trolley pole and pantograph
Photo PB020332 on 02/11/2006
image PB040370
Traction current generator, or rotary converter.
Photo PB040370 on 04/11/2006
image PB020333
Tour tram
Photo PB020333 on 02/11/2006
image PB040371
Leyland (?) bus in Carris museum.
Photo PB040371 on 04/11/2006
image PB020334
Trams in rain at Praca do Commercio
Photo PB020334 on 02/11/2006
image PB040372
Bus in Carris museum
Photo PB040372 on 04/11/2006
image PB020336
Cais do Sodre station
Photo PB020336 on 02/11/2006
image PB040373
in Carris museum
Photo PB040373 on 04/11/2006
image PB020338
Metro station
Photo PB020338 on 02/11/2006
image PB040375
in Carris museum
Photo PB040375 on 04/11/2006
image PB030340
Model tram in the Carris (transportation authority) museum.
Photo PB030340 on 03/11/2006
image PB040376
Shelter for switchman, in Carris museum
Photo PB040376 on 04/11/2006
image PB030344
Light rail vehicle on the no. 15 route, just outside the museum.
Photo PB030344 on 03/11/2006
image PB040377
Internal transportation, in Carris museum
Photo PB040377 on 04/11/2006
image PB030346
Near the museum, with tour tram.
Photo PB030346 on 03/11/2006
image PB040378
Transporter, in Carris museum
Photo PB040378 on 04/11/2006
image PB030349
Light rail near the cruise ship dock
Photo PB030349 on 03/11/2006
image PB040380
The driver of transport car, in Carris museum
Photo PB040380 on 04/11/2006
image PB030350
Suburban train (Cais do Sodre lines) running parallel with the light rail.
Photo PB030350 on 03/11/2006
image PB040385
Ascensor: Santa Rosa elevator to Bairro Alto
Photo PB040385 on 04/11/2006
image PB030351
No. 15 route, light rail
Photo PB030351 on 03/11/2006
image PB040387
No. 15 route tram
Photo PB040387 on 04/11/2006
image PB030354
One of the funiculars, descending under gravity as the system had failed.
Photo PB030354 on 03/11/2006
image PB040391
Praca do Commercio with trams
Photo PB040391 on 04/11/2006
image PB030356
Funicular to Bairro Alto
Photo PB030356 on 03/11/2006
image PB040392
Praca do Commercio with trams
Photo PB040392 on 04/11/2006
image PB040358
Colin & Anne at Praca de Espanha Metro station
Photo PB040358 on 04/11/2006
image PB040393
Praca do Commercio with trams
Photo PB040393 on 04/11/2006
image PB040360
Transportation between parts of the museum.
Photo PB040360 on 04/11/2006
image PB050402
Light rail, seen from ship
Photo PB050402 on 05/11/2006
image PB040361
Interior of the mueum transport car.
Photo PB040361 on 04/11/2006

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