Stopping points on the cruise: Athens

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We spent two nights in Athens, climbing to the Acropolis and riding on trolleybuses, trains and trams.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture. For most, I can provide higher-resolution photos by email, if needed.

image PA200001
Trolleybus near the Archaeological Museum
Photo PA200001 on 20/10/2006
image PA210051a
Driver's view of approaching tram
Photo PA210051a on 21/10/2006
image PA200002
Sightseeing tour bus at start of its run (Route 400)
Photo PA200002 on 20/10/2006
image PA210054
Tram nearing Syntagma Square
Photo PA210054 on 21/10/2006
image PA200019a
Tram, near Zappio
Photo PA200019a on 20/10/2006
image PA210055
Old tram parked at ??Kassomouli
Photo PA210055 on 21/10/2006
image PA200020a
Tram abou to turn left near Zappio, heading towards Syntagma Square
Photo PA200020a on 20/10/2006
image PA210056
Tram station at ?? Kassomouli
Photo PA210056 on 21/10/2006
image PA210048
Pleasant 19th-century interior to Piraeus Station, on the first railway line in Greece.
Photo PA210048 on 21/10/2006
image PA210057a
Tram station at ??Kassomouli
Photo PA210057a on 21/10/2006
image PA210050
Tram near Piraeus, at the Neo Faliro
Photo PA210050 on 21/10/2006

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