U.K. stay: The Island Line

The Island Line on the Isle of Wight is part of the British National Rail Network, but is also the retirement home for superannuated tube trains. It runs from Ryde Pier head, where trains meet the ferries from the mainland, through Ryde Esplanade, where trains meet hovercraft crossing from Southsea, to Shanklin, a holiday resort. One of the trains on the line (007, but it does NOT have a "James Bond" name) has been restored almost to 1938 decor.

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image P9040008
Island Line train at Ryde Pierhead, Isle of Wight
Photo P9040008 on 2004-09-04
image P9040039
Island Line train entering tunnel at Ryde Esplanade
Photo P9040039 on 2004-09-04
image P9040009
Most trains on the line have a livery with a dinosaur motif (seen at Ryde Pierhead)
Photo P9040009 on 2004-09-04
image P9040027
Island Line train in London Transport livery approaching.
Photo P9040027 on 2004-09-04
image P9040001
Isle of WIght ferry heading into Portsmouth (seen from Southsea hovecraft terminal). The Isle of Wight itself is in the background.
Photo P9040001 on 2004-09-04
image P9040028
Island Line train in London Transport livery (except for mandatory yellow ends) approaching Smallbrook Junction station.
Photo P9040028 on 2004-09-04
image P9040004
Hovercraft at Ryde Esplanade
Photo P9040004 on 2004-09-04
image P9040029
Isle of WIght trip: Island Line train in London Transport livery (1938 stock)
Photo P9040029 on 2004-09-04
image P9040036
Ryde Esplanade station
Photo P9040036 on 2004-09-04
image P9040030
Island Line train in London Transport livery (1938 stock)
Photo P9040030 on 2004-09-04
image P9040037
A train at entering Ryde Esplanade station, coming from Ryde Pierhead
Photo P9040037 on 2004-09-04
image P9040031
Island Line train in London Transport livery (1938 stock) at Shanklin.
Photo P9040031 on 2004-09-04
image P9040033
Flower beds alongside the tracks, Ryde Esplanade, looking in opposite direction to previous photo
Photo P9040033 on 2004-09-04
image P9040032
Shanklin station (the terminus) on Island Line
Photo P9040032 on 2004-09-04
image P9040038
Island Line train crossing to double-track section, at Ryde Esplanade
Photo P9040038 on 2004-09-04

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