While the first assembly was gluing, I could start on neck and pegheads.

The necks are straight 1"x2" cut to length. Each has a one-sawblade's-width notch cut in one end, for the front (top) plywood to fit into. It was easier to slot the plywood into a notch than to cut the plywood very carefully to fit around the neck piece.

slots for front to enter

Each neck then had to be glued to a length of 2"x2" pine that would extend through the body of the mandolin: remember that these were non-functional mandolins, but each had to be very strong.

neck assembly

Each joint was glued and clamped, and again I had to wait overnight for the glue to develop its full strength. Then each "heel" could be cut to the characteristic curse, using a scroll saw.

And finally the edges were rounded on the router.