The sides, longs strips 2" wide, were made from the same material as the tops and bottoms: 3mm Luan plywood. However, this material will not bend easily around the curves of the body. So, for each strip, I sanded off one ply of the 3-ply wood, using a bench sander. There was so much sawdust that I moved the sander to the garage, away from the house. The temperature was about -10C, but I didn't want to wear gloves for fear that the material would catch on the fast-moving belt and pull my fingers around the 4" x 36" sanding belt, so my fingers got rather cold.

six side strips

Once thinned, a strip could be glued to the front of the mandolin. I laid the front piece on the glass shelf I used as assembly platform, ran a bead of glue around the rim, centered the jig on it, forced the side strip around the curves, and glued and clamped short lengths of 1"x2" to reinforce the joint between side and front.

gluing side to front