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Furniture: Thrones


These thrones were modelled on those used by Canada's Governor-General and her/his consort when addressing Parliament. They were built for Kanata Theatre's The Dragonslayers, for use by the King and Queen: there is also a matching stool, for the Princess.


Although apparently of solid wood, the thrones are in fact constructed mostly of 1"x3" pine. Building them from pieces meant that cross-pieces and bracing could easily be added without mortice and tenon joints. The components are glued and screwed together, using, of course, Robertson-head square-socket screws.

Starting at the top:
  • Each back corner is topped by a disused fence-post finial.
  • The top of each panel is chair-rail moulding left over from a remodelling project
  • The back of each throne is 3mm Lauan plywood left over from making scenery flats
  • The centre of the panel and the seat are covered in a piece of red moquette edged with decorative rope
  • The vertical "carved" panels are actually wooden bits and pieces purchased on sale in a craft store, glued on: "petals", "nuts", and so on.
  • Decoration on legs and sides are grooves routered into the pine, painted with gold paint.

Routered grooves, gold-painted

The  thrones have been used several times since The Dragonslayers. This is on the set for The Gallant Tailor.
(Grandson Tristan as the page-boy).

Finial at top, "carved wood" panel under it.


The thrones used for a Golden Wedding celebration.

Matching stool, for the Princess


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