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Furniture: Embroidery Frame

  In The Heiress, the character Catherine needed a floor-standing embroidery frame. I could find pictures on the Internet, but getting one that looked the part was not so easy. In the end, I decided to throw one together, made from my favourite material, 1"x2" pine. It's not really Shaker-style, but it has something of the same air about it, light-weight but solid.
  The fabric being embroidered can be rolled up or down so that long pieces can be worked on. It cannot be rolled side to side, so the Bayeux tapestry cannot be easily copied, however!
  The actual frame can be set to the easiest angle for working on, and can be raised or lowered.
  The feet are built up of 1"x3" pine, screwed and glued for solidity.

I used the router to round off the edges of the uprights, and the ends of the feet.

The grain shows up rather strongly, but from the audience, this does not matter.


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