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On the 25th of June, the next day, we flew to London.

By now we were experienced in getting around Vienna: we took the U-bahn to the Praterstern
(we could have used the 21 tram, but the high steps on the old trams/bims are difficult to negociate with suitcases)
took the S-bahn S2 from Wien-Nord to the Sudbahnhof, and S-bahn S7 to the airport.


Before leaving home, we had booked one hotel in Vienna: three nights at the Donauwaltzer hotel, an unknown hotel in an unknown city. At the worst, if the hotel had turned out to be a disaster, we might have lost the cost of a couple of nights stay. In fact, it was pleasant, clean and quiet: its only disadvantage was that there was no lounge, so that Eufron couldn’t really sit down and read a book while Dewi went off exploring. Nevertheless, it gave us a sort of pied-a-terre to start our wanderings.

After that, we had no difficulty booking hotels wherever we went. Eufron had bought me a German phrase-book, but my German was so bad that people replied in British-accented English!

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