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Return to Vienna

On disembarking at Krems, we asked and found the bus route (a circular route) to the station. The train took us into Vienna's Franz-Josef Bahnhof, a new station to us. But we spotted the tram routes outside the station.

When we got back to Nestroyplatz, it was pouring with rain - tipping down. Of course, we'd left the umbrella at the hotel, but we were able to sprint to the same Italian restaurant as the night before - "Fiorino", where we had a most un-Italian dish: spare-ribs. By the time we'd finished, the rain had almost ceased.


image 1077_12
"Wiesel" double-deck commuter car, in "City Shuttle" train, Krems
Photo 1077_12 on 24 Jun 2002
image 1077_14

Photo 1077_14 on 24 Jun 2002

Seen from Danube boat.

image 1077_15

Photo 1077_15 on 24 Jun 2002
image 1077_23

Photo 1077_23 on 24 Jun 2002
image 1077_24

Photo 1077_24 on 24 Jun 2002
image 1077_25

Photo 1077_25 on 24 Jun 2002

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