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Melk: Start of the Wachau

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Getting There

Once again we went off to the Westbahnhof: this time, by U-bahn.

It was here that I made a mistake. We intended to take a train to Melk, a boat down the Danube to Krems, and another train back to Vienna. The ticket clerk offered me a package of train/boat/train tickets, at a saving. BUT the Seniors Vorteils card did not then apply. What I should have done was to book the train (with our 45% Seniors discount), then at Melk I could have shown the train ticket to get a reduction in the boat ticket, then again claimed our 45% Seniors discount on the train from Krems to Vienna. Ah well, that's the way it was.

The first train took us to St. Polten, where we changed to the Melk train, which was standing at a platform whose number was out of sequence and which nearly fooled several people!

At Melk, I should have enquired about transportation. As it was, we walked into town and found the Old Town and the pedestrian Rathausplatz. The huge abbey is on a hill that seems to ovehang the town. I walked up as far as the main gate, and down again.

Then we walked to the boat pier, where we had a choice of two boat lines: each has a boat, and both boats leave at the same time! The voyage on the Danube took us to Krems.

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image 1076_02
The Abbey at Melk.
Photo 1076_02 on 23 Jun 2002
image 1076_05
Path up to the Abbey, Melk.
Photo 1076_05 on 23 Jun 2002
image 1076_06
Entrance to the Abbey, Melk
Photo 1076_06 on 23 Jun 2002
image 1076_07
The Abbey, Melk
Photo 1076_07 on 23 Jun 2002
image 1076_09
Pedestrain area: Hauptstrasse, Melk
Photo 1076_09 on 23 Jun 2002
image 1076_10
Melk, Hauptstrasse
Photo 1076_10 on 23 Jun 2002

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