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We arrived back at the Sudbahnhof where we had started 10 days previously. The first thing we did was to book the Nostalgie train for next day (Sunday). Then, like experienced Austrian tourists, we bought 3 day transit passes. Only then did we get the list of hotels. We found there would be a charge for booking. Now we'd had a good experience with the Mercure chain of hotels in Graz, so we decided to try for the Mercure Nestroy. And of course Eufron had found an ad that showed weekend rates for that hotel.

Back then onto the good 'ol D tram to Opern, then the 1 to Schwedenplatz, finally the 21 heading to Praterstern. Just past Rotensternstrasse we alighted, walked to the hotel, and got an airconditioned room in the new section across the street.

On the morrow, we'd need a quick way to get to the Sudbahnhof early on a Sunday morning, so we set out to find the best way. The first plan lead us to the Sudtiroier platz where a little old lady tried to put us right on the way to get to the Sudbahnhof. As we walked, many many Turkish young men were leaning on the horns in cars, since Turkey had won an important game in the world championship.

From Sudbahnhof, we went to the opera area. It was VERY HOT. We walked around, went to the Opera info desk: it was closed. Went to Starbucks, had iced coffee. Looked for Movenpick restaurant: it was closed. Walked across the Opernring to Restaurant Smutny, on the sidewalk, and had the tagesmenu - and beer "vom fass" (draft).

Back at the hotel, the manager told us the best way was Nestroyplatz to Praterstern, then take the S2 (S-bahn, which runs every 10 min) to Sudbahnhof. And so to air-con bed.

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image 1075_17
Old electric loco, somewhere between Graz and Vienna!
Photo 1075_17 on 21 Jun 2002
image 1075_16
Eufron at Restaurant Smutny, Vienna
Photo 1075_16 on 21 Jun 2002
image 1077_09
Exterior of hotel at night, Mercure Nestroy, Vienna
Photo 1077_09 on 24 Jun 2002
image 1077_10
Interior of hotel bar area at night, Mercure Nestroy, Vienna
Photo 1077_10 on 24 Jun 2002
image 1077_11
Interior of hotel bar area at night, Mercure Nestroy, Vienna
Photo 1077_11 on 24 Jun 2002

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