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Salzburg: Mirabell Gardens

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Vienna to Salzburg

Didn't rush the getting up. It was a Saturday morning and U-bahn trains seemed to be less frequent. Had breakfast downstairs, loaded up and checked out. Took 44 tram a couple of stops to Lange-gasse and picked up a no. 5, which seems to be a main route between Franz-Josef Bhf and West Bhf. It made its way through streets broad and narrow.

At the station, went to the Inland booth, flashed our Vorteils passes, and asked for two to Salzburg, one-way. "For the 11:20?" he asked. and "Yes" said I, "but two minutes" said he and to my astonishment I found that the morning had gone and it was in fact 11:18. "12:20" said I and we got our tickets, saving about 18E each in the process.

So now we had plenty of time to spare. There's a Billa supermarketi n the station and we went for Sodawasser and a solid, non-squishy cake. "Coffee?" said Eufron and we went for it. Turned out to be an internet cafe so I had 10 minutes, of which 9'30"" turned out to be figuring the German keyboard. Y and Z are interchanged: no problem. But where's the "@"? I never did find it and I had to cut and paste. No messages on sympatico and junk mail on magma. Sent note to Colin: at least I think I did.

Up to platform 6, 20 minutes early. Should be plenty of time! But the train was filling fast. Walked nearly to front and found seats in a compartment. Yes, an old-style compartment. The one couple there had spread their HUGE bags across the whole luggage rack, but they moved some and we got our cases up. The remaining two seats were filled by a couple of young girls - no luggage, thank goodness.

It was HOT. We started off, which gave a little breeze, but not much. No air conditioning, but I opened the corridor window alongside, and the compartment window was partly open. At one point the girls spotted that the heater control was set to HOT and they turned it to cold. The other couple seemed to think this had turned on air conditioning so they CLOSED the window. It got hotter and hotter. Eventually I had to ask in broken German and gestures if they could open the window a little, which improved things. Then the ticket collector came by and re-set the control from cold to hot. Apparently it is really a fan control: with no train heat, turning it to hot just gave us more of an air current.

As far as Linz we were in the Danube valley, and on occasion there were glances at the river. It was flat, no hills that we could see though there were a couple of tunnels. But after Linz we began to climb, and the track began to wander from side to side rather than being straight(ish). Saw mountains, fields on on side of mountains, and at one point some deer, and a beautiful lake with many sailboats.

Getting a hotel

Rolled into Saltburg Hbf on time, went to the info booth. Got list of hotels, asked about the one that "Trudy of Vienna" had suggested, but it was full. We decided to start at the top, and started walking to the Sheraton. Took a wrong turning, but eventually got there. They had a special rate (weekend) for first night: Eufron talked the front desk agent into giving us that rate for three nights. Entered room: blessed air-conditioning. But only control is ON or OFF.


Dewi set off to "Case the neighbourhood". Found Mirabell gardens behind hotel, wonderful views of fortress, and notice about Promenade concert on the following day. Found Mozart's house, statues, Doppler's house and trolleybuses.

On Dewi's return, we both went out and walked through the gardens (part-way) and out onto Schwarze-strasse looking for a Greek restaurant, which wasn't there because I was looking at the wrong map. Passed Mozarteum, Marionettentheatre, and onto markt platz, then up to Linzer-gasse, a long pedestrian lane lined with touristy places. As it was evening many of the places were closed, but we did get one gyros between us, plus one beer and two cups. At an adjacent pair of tables, there was a crowd of Americans playing cards. This was at the foot of the staircase up the Kaputzinerberg. Dewi started up but only went part way. The heart was willing but the legs were weak. n.b. the gyros was very messy to eat! To get back to the hotel we walked further up the gasse to where it turns into a normal street.

Back at the hotel, we found it supplied a large vase of apples on our floor, so it was apples for supper, with the cake purchased in Vienna.

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image DSCF1311
Mirabell gardens, Salzburg: the fortress is in the background.
Photo DSCF1311 on 15 Jun 2002
image DSCF1315
Statue of Pegasus used in Sound of Music, Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg
Photo DSCF1315 on 16 Jun 2002
image Fuji0017
Schloss Mirabell and gardens, Salzburg
Photo Fuji0017 on 18 Jun 2002
image Fuji0018
Statue of willing rape victim, Mirabell gardens, Salzburg
Photo Fuji0018 on 18 Jun 2002
image Fuji0019
Statue of horrified rape victim, Mirabell gardens, Salzburg
Photo Fuji0019 on 18 Jun 2002

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