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Barcelona 1956: Tram & Trolleybus
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I was totally unprepared for the vehicle shown here: an electric truck that used the trolleybus wires. Perhaps it should be called a trolley-truck or a trolleylorry. This vehicle was no. 25. Were there 24 more of them?

I would like to thank several people for sending me information about many of these pictures. Each person's contribution is flagged with a digit in brackets.

  • Sr. Albert Gonzalez (Barcelona) [2]
  • Sr. Ariño Plancheria (Barcelona)[8]

Comments/corrections to: Dewi Williams

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image c0827
Arc welding tram tracks, P. de Colon, Barcelona
Photo c0827 on 1956-08-28
image n30_4_2
Barcelona: tram service vehicle (railgrinder) LV2 near docks.
Photo n30_4_2 on 1956-08-28
image c0840
Electric trolley-van no. 25, Barcelona. [2] This was the only wire-greasing electric service vehicle, also used to transport spare parts (e.g. spare wheels) for trolleybuses.
Photo c0840 on 1956-08-28
image n30_6_6
Barcelona: tramway service vehicle (railgrinder) LV2 seen on the Ramblas.
Photo n30_6_6 on 1956-08-28
image c0841
Electric trolley-van no. 25, Barcelona. [8] Its origin was a Tilling Stevens chassis acquired by the Sociedad General de Autobuses de Madrid. When that company folded it was bought by the Compañía General de Autobuses (CGA) which then had 64 Tillings, double-deck type TS3X, single-deck type TS3 most modern type TS7. CGA used some of the Madrid Tilling chasses and built its own bodies as marque CGA España , comprising serial numbers 201 to 244. In 1941 no. 204 was transformed into a trolley-truck and re-bodied as number 25. When the trolleybus network closed in Barcelona, the 25 went to Valencia to Saltuv as nº 911 then finished its days in Pontevedra as nº 0. It was scrapped in 1990 with the ending of trolleybuses in the Galician city.
Photo c0841 on 1956-08-28

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