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Barcelona 1956: Single-deck city trams

I would like to thank several people for sending me information about many of these pictures. Each person's contribution is flagged with a digit in brackets.

  • Albert González Masip [2]
  • Jordi Andreu Pérez [7]
  • Xavier Roselló [31]

Comments/corrections to: Dewi Williams

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image c0817
Tram of the 1200 series on route 23, Barcelona: Balmes/Avenida del Tibidabo [2] known as Aveniguda Tibidabo in Catalan
Photo c0817 on 1956-08-28
image n29_2_3
The shipyards, Barcelona, with tram.
Photo n29_2_3 on 1956-08-28
image c0818
Tram no. 529 at Sarrià tram depot, Barcelona
Photo c0818 on 1956-08-28
image n29_3_4
Barcelona: PCC-type tram on route 64, the Ramblas, at night
Photo n29_3_4 on 1956-08-28
image c0819
Tram no. 58 at upper terminus of route 12. [2] photo in Plaça. Borràs. The last remaining car of 1-124 batch from 1898-99.
Photo c0819 on 1956-08-28
image n30_1_4
Barcelona: PCC-type car [2] at Pg. de Gràcia between Pça. de Catalunya and Casp street, heading outwards
Photo n30_1_4 on 1956-08-28
image c0820
Tram of the 701-712 batch on route 63, in the Gran Via, Barcelona
Photo c0820 on 1956-08-28
image n30_4_3
Barcelona: Interior of PCC-type 1200 class car in [2] Gran Via, between Pg. de Gràcia and Rambla de Catalunya. [31] This type of car was the only one with the conductor's seat beside the front door.
Photo n30_4_3 on 1956-08-28
image c0821
Tram 710 on route 63, Pça Tetuan, Barcelona
Photo c0821 on 1956-08-28
image n30_2_1
Barcelona: Plaza de Cataluna [2] (now Pça. de Catalunya), with trams
Photo n30_2_1 on 1956-08-28
image c0822
Tram no. 237 on route 66 near Pça Tetuan, Baracelona. [2] This tram is of the 211-285 batch but modernized by Maquitrans and known as 200MT class.
Photo c0822 on 1956-08-28
image n30_2_4
Barcelona: entrance doors to PCC_type tram.
Photo n30_2_4 on 1956-08-28
image c0823
Tram 231 in the Gran Via. [2] This tram is of the 211-285 batch but modernized by Maquitrans and known as 200MT class.
Photo c0823 on 1956-08-28
image n30_2_5
Barcelona: PCC-type tram on the 20 route [2] heading outwards at the Pg. de Gràcia/Gran Via intersection. The lifeguard device can be seen under the front of the tram.
Photo n30_2_5 on 1956-08-28
image c0826
Old trailer tram of the 1557-1591 batch, Barcelona
Photo c0826 on 1956-08-28
image n30_2_6
Barcelona: rebuilt trailer tram. [2] The trailer is from 1557-1591 batch but received a new body named 'Barcelona' class.
Photo n30_2_6 on 1956-08-28
image c0828
Tram and trailer [2] from the 951-999 batch, loading at Colon, Barcelona
Photo c0828 on 1956-08-28
image n30_3_4
Barcelona: PCC-based car + trailer on route 46 [2] at Gran Via/Balmes street. The tram is approaching its terminus at Universitat.
Photo n30_3_4 on 1956-08-28
image c0829
Tram 525 and trailer, [7] Rambla de las Flores/Rambla de les Flors, Barcelona. [2] The area is now know just as "Rambla". The motor car dates from 1926. [31] The tram is on route 59, former Atarazanas - Las Corts, today Drassanes - Les Corts. The present bus route 59 is similar.
Photo c0829 on 1956-08-28
image n30_3_5
Barcelona: rebuilt tram on route 66 [2] at Gran Via/Balmes street. The tram is approaching its terminus at Universitat. This tram is of 211-285 batch but modernized by Maquitrans and known as 200MT class.
Photo n30_3_5 on 1956-08-28
image n29_1_1
Barcelona: Tram 524 on the Ramblas
Photo n29_1_1 on 1956-08-28
image n30_3_6
Barcelona: 63-route tram on [31] Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, former Av.José Antonio, between Pg. de Gràcia and Rbla. Catalunya. There are still gardens in the median than can be seen in this picture.
Photo n30_3_6 on 1956-08-28
image n29_1_2
Barcelona: tram 512 and trailer on the Ramblas
Photo n29_1_2 on 1956-08-28
image n30_5_1
Barcelona: PCC-type tram no. 1291 on route 20, Paralelo/Lesseps (now Paral-lel). [2] The site is actually at Pg. de Gràcia/Gran Via crossing.
Photo n30_5_1 on 1956-08-28
image n29_1_3
Barcelona: tram 876 on route 30 heading to Atarazanas. [2] This site is today referred to as Drassanes. Car is from 860-889 batch from 1924
Photo n29_1_3 on 1956-08-28
image n30_5_3
Barcelona: interior of older tram no. 211 (this type has a roving conductor).
Photo n30_5_3 on 1956-08-28
image n29_1_4
Barcelona: older tram on Rambla. [2] Car 211 of 211-285 batch on route 24, [31] Atarazanas - Gracia - San José de la Montaña (present bus route 24 is similar).
Photo n29_1_4 on 1956-08-28
image n30_6_1
Barcelona: PCC-type tram on route 23, [2] at Pça de Catalunya the terminus of route 23.
Photo n30_6_1 on 1956-08-28
image n29_1_5
Barcelona: [2] Motor of 501-550 batch and 1557-1591 trailer on route 29 at Colon or Drassanes (same place)
Photo n29_1_5 on 1956-08-28
image n30_6_2
Barcelona: PCC_type tram with trailer, near Placza de Cataluna.
Photo n30_6_2 on 1956-08-28
image n29_2_1
Barcelona: single-deck trams at Atarazanas viewed from top of Columbus's column
Photo n29_2_1 on 1956-08-28

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