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Barcelona 1956:
Metre-gauge and Interurban Trams

As well as the city trams, there were several longer routes that had an inter-urban flavour about them.
Some were metre-gauge, though in the city they ran on mixed-gauge track, inter-working with regular trams.

I would like to thank several people for sending me information about many of these pictures. Each person's contribution is flagged with a digit in brackets.

  • Albert González Masip [2]
  • Jordi Andreu Pérez [7]
  • Xavier Roselló [31]

Comments/corrections to: Dewi Williams

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image n30_1_1
Barcelona: trams + trailers on 57 route (Paralelo) [2] These cars were standard-gauge cars converted from 900-950 narrow-gauge series (some converted to M1-M14 &R1-R14, where M=motor and R=trailer).
Photo n30_1_1 on 1956-08-28
image c0832
Metre-gauge tram no. 943 and trailer on route 42 near [7] Triunfo/Trionf, Barcelona
Photo c0832 on 1956-08-28
image n30_1_2
Barcelona: tram on route 57: Paralelo. See description of N30_1_1.
Photo n30_1_2 on 1956-08-28
image c0833
Four-wheel standard-gauge tram 217 on mixed-gauge track, [7] C. Pallars (the street becomes C. Pere IV, formerly C. Pedro IV, about 300metres further), Barcelona, [31] on route 53, the standard-gauge route to former Pueblo Nuevo, today Poblenou.
Photo c0833 on 1956-08-28
image c0830
Metre-gauge tram M7 and trailer on route 71, Trafalgar Street, Barcelona, at the inner terminus of the metre-gauge system.
Photo c0830 on 1956-08-28
image c0834
Metre-gauge tram and driving trailer R6 on mixed-gauge track, same location as photo c0833, on bridge over the RENFE line, Barcelona
Photo c0834 on 1956-08-28
image c0831
Metre-gauge tram and driving trailer R12 at Arc de Triomf (Trionfo), Barcelona
Photo c0831 on 1956-08-28
image c0835
Standard-gauge car no. 139 and metre-gauge car M6 and trailer, interworking on mixed-gauge track, same location as photo c0833, parallel to C. Almogŕvers, Barcelona
Photo c0835 on 1956-08-28

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