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Barcelona 1956: Double-deck trams

Routes 60 (a circular route) and 62 were run by double-deck trams.

I would like to thank several people for sending me information about many of these pictures. Each person's contribution is flagged with a digit in brackets.

  • Albert Gonzalez [2]

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image c0824
Double-deck 4-wheel tram no. 205 on route 60, Barcelona. [2] Photographed in Pg. de St. Joan entering at Pça de Tetuan. [2] Car is from the second batch of d/d 194-208
Photo c0824 on 1956-08-28
image n29_2_2
Barcelona: top view of double-deck tram, Atarazanas (shipyards: where the Artisans work)
Photo n29_2_2 on 1956-08-28
image c0825
Double-deck 4-wheel tram on route 62, P. Tetuan, Barcelona
Photo c0825 on 1956-08-28
image n30_3_3
Barcelona: double-deck tram on the 60 (circular) route in Gran Via crossing Rambla de Catalunya
Photo n30_3_3 on 1956-08-28
image n29_1_6
Barcelona: double-deck tram at Atarazanas [2] Atarazanas nowadays known as Drassanes. Car is from first d/d batch 169-193
Photo n29_1_6 on 1956-08-28

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