UK stay: York National Railway Museum

Even on a Sunday morning, we were able to get to York from London in a couple of hours: Eufron could spend the day with our friend Rosemary Scott of Northallerton while I re-explored the National Railway Museum at York Station.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture. For most, I can provide higher-resolution photos by email, if needed.

image P9260202
Rosemary Scott & Eufron, York Station refreshment room
Photo P9260202 on 2004-09-26
image P9260212
Model of coal wagon, NRM
Photo P9260212 on 2004-09-26
image P9260203
North London ex-LNWR Oerlikon train, NRM
Photo P9260203 on 2004-09-26
image P9260213
Model of coal car, NRM
Photo P9260213 on 2004-09-26
image P9260205
Southern Electric "Nelson" car, NRM
Photo P9260205 on 2004-09-26
image P9260215
Model of Dublin tram, NRM
Photo P9260215 on 2004-09-26
image P9260207

Photo P9260207 on 2004-09-26
image P9260216
Model of Dublin tram, NRM
Photo P9260216 on 2004-09-26
image P9260208
General view, NRM
Photo P9260208 on 2004-09-26
image P9260219
Model of monorail, NRM
Photo P9260219 on 2004-09-26
image P9260209
Flying Scotsman in workshop, NRM
Photo P9260209 on 2004-09-26
image P9260223
Model of London tram, NRM
Photo P9260223 on 2004-09-26
image P9260210
Flying Scotsman in workshop, NRM
Photo P9260210 on 2004-09-26
image P9260211
The Canadian Connection: class 66 loco running light, near NRM
Photo P9260211 on 2004-09-26
image P9260217
"Little Giant", Bassett-Lowke's loco, NRM
Photo P9260217 on 2004-09-26

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