Kettle Valley Railway

The Kettle Valley Line in British Columbia was built as a connector line between two mainlines, to tap the large agricultural traffic in the area, and to compete with the American lines that had been built across the border, some illegally. When the line was abandoned, most of it was turned into part of the Trans-Canada Trail, a walking and cycle path across Canada. One piece of the line remains as a preserved railway. One of the locomotives is a Shay geared locomotive on loan. I was unfortunately not able to get pictures of the side of the loco that has the 3 cylinders, the long jointed driveshaft, and the gears.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture. For most, I can provide higher-resolution photos by email, if needed.

image P7050069
Dewi and conductor of the Kettle Valley train
Photo P7050069 on 2004-07-05
image P7050078
Starting to fill the tender's water tank. Look at that huge 32-Volt light for running in reverse.
Photo P7050078 on 2004-07-05
image P7050070
Dewi boarding the train at Prairie Valley station
Photo P7050070 on 2004-07-05
image P7050079
Engineer and fireman doing something - don't know what - but they had a large plastic bottle of something between them.
Photo P7050079 on 2004-07-05
image P7050071
Passing through fruit orchards
Photo P7050071 on 2004-07-05
image P7050080
The hose is rather leaky
Photo P7050080 on 2004-07-05
image P7050072
Passing through vineyards
Photo P7050072 on 2004-07-05
image P7050081
Loco ready to complete running around the train.
Photo P7050081 on 2004-07-05
image P7050073
Shay loco no. 3 available for viewing on arrival at Canyon View Siding.
Photo P7050073 on 2004-07-05
image P7050084
Loco moving forward on the loop
Photo P7050084 on 2004-07-05
image P7050074
Shay loco Running around the train at Canyon View Siding
Photo P7050074 on 2004-07-05
image P7050085
and finally backing up to the train for the return journey.
Photo P7050085 on 2004-07-05
image P7050075
Loco moving forward to the hose position
Photo P7050075 on 2004-07-05

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