UK stay: Hythe Pier Railway

From Southampton, there is a ferry across the Solent to Hythe. The route of this ferry crosses the "runway" that was used when flying-boats used Southampton as the UK terminus for trans-Atlantic flights. I assume there was some coordination between the flight controllers and ferry controllers! At Hythe, the ferry lands at a pier, and there is a curious narrow-gauge railway along the pier.

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image P9300234
Ferry approaching Hythe Pier: Southampton is across the Solent
Photo P9300234 on 2004-09-30
image P9300231
The off-side of the service train, at the Town station: also the spare loco on the one siding, on the Hythe Pier Railway
Photo P9300231 on 2004-09-30
image P9300237
The "station" at the pier-head in Hythe: there is a flat-car for baggage at the sea-ward end of the train. The third-rail (conductor rail) doesn't run through the station: it stops at the land-ward end of the platform.
Photo P9300237 on 2004-09-30
image P9300232
Offside view of the loco, showing wooden doors or hatch-covers.
Photo P9300232 on 2004-09-30
image P9300236
Loco and train in the pier-head station: the conductor rail starts at this point and is visible on the off-side of the loco.
Photo P9300236 on 2004-09-30
image P9300235
Interior of passenger car of Hythe Pier Railway
Photo P9300235 on 2004-09-30
image P9300229
Loco of Hythe Pier Railway, at the "town" end of the line.
Photo P9300229 on 2004-09-30
image P9300233
Eufron in pedestrian precinct in Hythe, which seems to have been by-passed by modern roads, close to the Town station.
Photo P9300233 on 2004-09-30
image P9300230
Hythe Pier Railway train at Town station.
Photo P9300230 on 2004-09-30

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