UK stay: Cardiff

There were two points of interest on the railways in and around Cardiff. One was the use of special reinforcing bars, held on by very large C-clamps, on some rails on the Valley Lines system. These are apparently put on the rails to act as a "quick fix" when ultrasonic testing reveals hariline cracks. The other was at Cardiff Central station, where a new platform was added for trains to, I think, Birmingham. The new platform was "upstream" of Platform 1, so is was given the designation "Platform 0", which is rather unusual.

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image P9090059
Quick repair joint on track, Ystrad Rhondda station
Photo P9090059 on 2004-09-09
image P9090062
Cardiff Central Station, platform 0
Photo P9090062 on 2004-09-09
image P9090060
Quick repair joint on track, Ystrad Rhondda station, Valley Lines
Photo P9090060 on 2004-09-09
image PA170434
Coal wagon at the Big Pit (a preserved coal-mine at Blaenafon that is now the National Mining Museum of Wales).
Photo PA170434 on 2004-10-17
image P9090061
Cardiff Central Station, platform 0 sign on platform 1. All text is bilingual, especially the word "Platfform", which has the Welsh spelling with an English plural form.
Photo P9090061 on 2004-09-09
image PA170435
Private owners' coal wagon at Big Pit
Photo PA170435 on 2004-10-17

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