UK stay: Birmingham & Midlands

Martin and I visited Birmingham specifically to ride on the Midland Metro tram system. However, unbeknown to us, on the previous night vandals had broken into an electrical sub-station, poured petrol around, and set light to it. So no trams were operating beyond Wednesbury: we had to transfer to a bus at that point, and the heavy traffic made us realize how useful the tram must be, riding on its own right-of-way.

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image P9220181
GWR loco at Birmingham Moor Street
Photo P9220181 on 2004-09-22
image P9220186
Midland Metro tram, on a wet Wednesbury
Photo P9220186 on 2004-09-22
image P9220184
Birmingham Moor Street station, GWR loco visible
Photo P9220184 on 2004-09-22
image P9220188
Wolverhampton tram terminus, sans tram.
Photo P9220188 on 2004-09-22
image P9220182
Birmingham Moor Street station, redecorated in Great Western Railway style, except for the trees.
Photo P9220182 on 2004-09-22
image P9220189
Virgin train arriving at Wolverhampton to return us to Birmingham
Photo P9220189 on 2004-09-22
image P9220183
Birmingham Moor Street station
Photo P9220183 on 2004-09-22
image P9220190
Midland Railway station at Leicester: The florid Midland Railway "IN" sign and modern "no entry" signs together
Photo P9220190 on 2004-09-22
image P9220185
Midland Metro tram at Wednesbury, on its way to Birmingham Snow Hill.
Photo P9220185 on 2004-09-22

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