Baltic Cruise: Berlin

The cruise ship moored at Warnemunde, in what used to be East Germany (DDR) and the station is alongside the dock (or vice versa). We had a pleasant ride through rural areas to Berlin, where we were given an introduction to the city on a fleet of tour buses. Trams had been banished from the Western sectors of the city, but were retained in the Easter sector.

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image P8290524
Baltic cruise, 2004 Arrival of our train in Berlin (awaiting tour bus) at Lichtenberg station
Photo P8290524 on 2004-08-29
image P8290556
Stairs and lift from street to Stadmitte
U-bahn station, in Friedrich str.
Photo P8290556 on 2004-08-29
image P8290525
Local train, Berlin, at Lichtenberg station
Photo P8290525 on 2004-08-29
image P8290579
Double-deck bus, Unter den Linden
Photo P8290579 on 2004-08-29
image P8290526
DB loco at Lichtenberg station
Photo P8290526 on 2004-08-29
image P8290581
Berlin tram turning out of Universitatstr. into Dorotheen str.
Photo P8290581 on 2004-08-29
image P8290527
Local train, Berlin Lichtenberg
Photo P8290527 on 2004-08-29
image P8290603
Tram seen from bus in motion
Photo P8290603 on 2004-08-29
image P8290528
Our tour group halted on its way to tour bus no. 8 at Lichtenberg station
Photo P8290528 on 2004-08-29
image P8290604
The train back to Warnemunde was headed by a Swiss-built Re4/4 loco, built for SBB 15,000V 162/3Hz power.
Photo P8290604 on 2004-08-29
image P8290554
Elevator (lift) from street to Stadmitte U-bahn station, in Friedrich str.
Photo P8290554 on 2004-08-29
image P8290605
Maker's plates, Re4/4 loco
Photo P8290605 on 2004-08-29
image P8290555
Shades of the Kingsway Subway! Stairs from street to Stadmitte U-bahn station, in Friedrich str.
Photo P8290555 on 2004-08-29

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