New VIA trains

VIA Rail Canada had been running new "Renaissance" trains on the Toronto-Montreal route for some time, but they were going to introduce them on the Ottawa routes, so they had a train on display at Ottawa station. A surprising number of people turned up to look at the train. Luckily, I got there early.

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image g005063
VIA's new "Renaissance" trains on display at Ottawa station: these trains use the vehicles originally intended for "Nightstar" overnight service through the Channel Tunnel. The warning signs about overhead wires are not entirely redundant, as the train might run into a platform in Montreal that has 25kV power.
Photo g005063 on 2004-05-16
image g005064
Renaissance car: note the steps: Montreal's Central Station is, I think, the only station in Canada with high-level platforms.
Photo g005064 on 2004-05-16
image g005066
Renaissance bar car
Photo g005066 on 2004-05-16
image g005069
Exterior view of Renaissance car
Photo g005069 on 2004-05-16
image g005067
Renaissance bar car
Photo g005067 on 2004-05-16
image g005070
Loco of Renaissance train
Photo g005070 on 2004-05-16
image g005068
Dining car set for a meal
Photo g005068 on 2004-05-16
image g005071
Loco of Renaissance train
Photo g005071 on 2004-05-16
image g005065
Compartment of Renaissance car
Photo g005065 on 2004-05-16
image g005072
Detail of suspension of Renaissance car
Photo g005072 on 2004-05-16

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