National Capital Trolley Museum, Washington, D.C.

This museum, in Maryland just north of Washington, D.C. suffered a disastrous fire which destroyed many of its trolley-cars. However, two PCC cars were available on the day that I visited, leaving Eufron in the hotel.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture. For most, I can provide higher-resolution photos by email, if needed.

image P3130044
Toronto and Den Haag PCC cars at the National Capital Trolley Museum, Washington D.C.
Photo P3130044 on 2004-03-13
image P3130053
Coupling of Den Haag car.
Photo P3130053 on 2004-03-13
image P3130048
Toronto and Den Haag cars at National Capital Trolley museum
Photo P3130048 on 2004-03-13
image P3130055
Den Haag car
Photo P3130055 on 2004-03-13
image P3130046
Truck of PCC car
Photo P3130046 on 2004-03-13
image P3130056
Interior of Den Haag PCC car
Photo P3130056 on 2004-03-13
image P3130051
Safety guard under Toronto PCC car
Photo P3130051 on 2004-03-13
image P3130057
Driver's controls, Den Haag car
Photo P3130057 on 2004-03-13
image P3130054
Interior of Toronto PCC car
Photo P3130054 on 2004-03-13
image P3130058
Hostler's controls, Den Haag PCC car
Photo P3130058 on 2004-03-13
image P3130047
Den Haag PCC car
Photo P3130047 on 2004-03-13
image P3130050
PCC truck after fire
Photo P3130050 on 2004-03-13
image P3130052
Plough for conduit system. Unlike those in London, ploughs were not run in at street level: there had to be a man in the change-pit to plug in the power connectors, visible on top of the plough.
Photo P3130052 on 2004-03-13

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