UK stay: The Watercress Line

If we'd been driving, it would only have been a short distance by road from Southsea to Alresford on the Mid-Hants Railway (otherwise known as the Watercress line). However, as we didn't have a car but we did have BritRail passes, we went by train:
but we had to go to Woking, almost the whole way to London, and take a train back to Alton, to get to the steam line.

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image PA090290
Alton station, the Watercress Line
Photo PA090290 on 2004-10-09
image PA090309
Uncoupling loco, New Alresford
Photo PA090309 on 2004-10-09
image PA090291
Gate across the track, separating Watercress Line from national network track
Photo PA090291 on 2004-10-09
image PA090310
Uncoupling loco, New Alresford
Photo PA090310 on 2004-10-09
image PA090292
Alton station, Watercress Line platform
Photo PA090292 on 2004-10-09
image PA090311
Uncoupling loco, New Alresford
Photo PA090311 on 2004-10-09
image PA090293
Diesel railcar at Alton, Watercress Line
Photo PA090293 on 2004-10-09
image PA090305
Cleaning oil-lamp on signal, New Alresford
Photo PA090305 on 2004-10-09
image PA090295
Signalman carrying empty coal scuttle, Ropley, Watercress Line
Photo PA090295 on 2004-10-09
image PA090312
Cleaning lamp and replenishing oil in "home" signal, New Alresford
Photo PA090312 on 2004-10-09
image PA090296
Signal wires entering channel to signal box, Ropley, Watercress Line
Photo PA090296 on 2004-10-09
image PA090313
Steam loco running around the train, New Alresford
Photo PA090313 on 2004-10-09
image PA090297
Signalman returning with full coal scuttle, Ropley, Watercress Line
Photo PA090297 on 2004-10-09
image PA090314
Steam loco running around the train, New Alresford
Photo PA090314 on 2004-10-09
image PA090299
Steam train approaching Ropley, MHR
Photo PA090299 on 2004-10-09
image PA090315
Steam loco approaching platform, New Alresford, MHR
Photo PA090315 on 2004-10-09
image PA090300
Diesel railcar at New Alresford, MHR
Photo PA090300 on 2004-10-09
image PA090316
Steam loco approaching platform, New Alresford, MHR
Photo PA090316 on 2004-10-09
image PA090301
Diesel railcar seen from footbridge, New Alresford, MHR
Photo PA090301 on 2004-10-09
image PA090317
Steam loco approaching platform, New Alresford, MHR
Photo PA090317 on 2004-10-09
image PA090302
Eufron on platform at New Alresford, MHR
Photo PA090302 on 2004-10-09
image PA090318
Steam loco approaching platform, New Alresford, MHR
Photo PA090318 on 2004-10-09
image PA090303
Diesel railcar ready to leave New Alresford
Photo PA090303 on 2004-10-09
image PA090319
Ropley station, Watercress Line
Photo PA090319 on 2004-10-09
image PA090304
Diesel railcar leaving platform, New Alresford, MHR
Photo PA090304 on 2004-10-09
image PA090320
Carrying single-line token, Ropley, Watercress Line
Photo PA090320 on 2004-10-09
image PA090306
Steam loco approaching platform, New Alresford, MHR
Photo PA090306 on 2004-10-09
image PA090322
Crew hut, Ropley: single-track token
Photo PA090322 on 2004-10-09
image PA090307
Steam loco approaching platform, New Alresford, MHR
Photo PA090307 on 2004-10-09
image PA090323
Engine shed, Ropley
Photo PA090323 on 2004-10-09
image PA090308
Steam loco at platform, New Alresford, MHR
Photo PA090308 on 2004-10-09
image PA090324
Excursion train at Alton, ready to head onto Watercress Line tracks
Photo PA090324 on 2004-10-09

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