UK stay: Isle of Wight Steam Railway

The only way to get to Havenstreet Junction, the start (or end) of the line, is to take the Island Line train from Ryde or Shanklin.
We boarded the first train of the day (which wasn't until mid-morning) and rode to the end of the line at Wootton
and back to Havenstreet, the main station. We alighted there and expored the station and exhibits,
before taking the next train to Smallbrook Junction.

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image P9040010
Isle of Wight trip: IOW Steam Railway at Smallbrook Junction
Photo P9040010 on 2004-09-04
image P9040019
Loco driver holding single-line token on loco 198 at Smallbrook Junction
Photo P9040019 on 2004-09-04
image P9040011
Eufron boarding 1864 four-wheeled passenger car at Smallbrook Juntion
Photo P9040011 on 2004-09-04
image P9040021
0-6-0T loco no. 24 at Havenstreet
Photo P9040021 on 2004-09-04
image P9040012
Steam train at Smallbrook Junction (Island Line electric train platform is to the right). The train has just arrived, so the rear light has not yet been removed.
Photo P9040012 on 2004-09-04
image P9040022
Locos at Havenstreet works
Photo P9040022 on 2004-09-04
image P9040013
Loco running around train at Smallbrook Junction
Photo P9040013 on 2004-09-04
image P9040024
Train from Wooton arriving at Havenstreet
Photo P9040024 on 2004-09-04
image P9040014
Loco running around train at Smallbrook Junction
Photo P9040014 on 2004-09-04
image P9040025
Detail of passenger car: rotary ventilator (Fletner rotor) on passenger car, IOW steam railway
Photo P9040025 on 2004-09-04
image P9040016
Nameplate of loco "Royal Engineer"
Photo P9040016 on 2004-09-04
image P9040020
Detail of passenger car: leather strap for raising & lowering carriage window on IOW Steam Railway
Photo P9040020 on 2004-09-04
image P9040017
Steam train waiting at Smallbrook Junction
Photo P9040017 on 2004-09-04
image P9040026
Eufron inside saloon car, IOW Steam Railway
Photo P9040026 on 2004-09-04
image P9040018
Ground signal-frame cabin at Smalllbrook Junction
Photo P9040018 on 2004-09-04

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